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Features that has been never seen before!

2 Dice Game Play

Ludi Clash exclusively bringing you the next level experience with 2 dice gameplay.

Road Block & Play

Users can take 2 tokens on a single place to block the road to make the game more interesting.

Multiple Game Modes

Users have multiple game play such as, Online Play, Private Table, Pass & Play and Vs Computer.

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Shop and explore More

  • Users will be able to purchase Diamonds.
  • Users will be able to purchase Coins.
  • Users will be able to experience new board shared by Ludi Clash.

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Private Table - To play with your friends and loved ones

  • One person selects the table amount and he can create the room.
  • Other person will just enter the room code to join the table .
  • Both can select token color they want.
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Application Screenshots

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Frequently asked questions

What are the game modes?

Ludi Clash is offering the 4 Game Modes such as Play online with Random players, Private table, Pass & Play and Play vs Computer

How can I block the road?

You just need to make 2 tokens on a single place then you can block the road for the opponent

How can I take my tokens out with 2 dice?

Well, It’s more easy now to take your tokens out of the home as you will be rolling 2 dice and any of them gets 6 then users can take the token out

Can I check the games that I have played?

Yes, Users can check the Game history that they have played.